All About Granite Countertops

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Having granite countertops is the current trend in kitchen countertops. There are many reasons why they are so popular. This building stone is one of the hardness known, very resistant to water and air, and have a low rate of wear and tear so they are very long lasting. It is an igneous rock that makes granite available in many colors, so it can be used for various applications. It is also a rock that can be found all over the world so it is available almost anywhere. A granite slab can weigh as much as eight kilograms per square foot.

As with any countertop, there are pros and cons of having granite countertops.


• It looks awesome, very elegant, and pleasing to the eyes.
• It comes in a variety of designs, colors, grains, and patterns. There are over three thousand countertop designs.
• The finish can be polished or left unfinished, which gives it a natural look.
• It is very durable and after installing it you will only need to do low maintenance on the countertop. When washing your granite countertop you can use a strong detergent or normal soap. Most are resistant to chemicals you should not have problems if you use a detergent that is chemical based on the countertop.
• Being water resistant you do not have to be concerned about liquids being spilled on your countertop. You just have to be sure that you clean the spill up and keep the countertop dry. The reason is that if you leave any liquid the countertop for too long it could stain the surface of the granite slightly.
• Although they are also resistant to heat and are able to stand high temperatures you should still sit your hot dishes on a hot pad or trivet.
• The countertops are resistant to various bacterias.


• When comparing your granite countertops with other materials and stones used to make countertops, granite is more expensive
• Periodically they will require sealing to help protect the countertop from developing any stains and absorbing liquids if left too long on the countertop.
• No two slabs of granite are the same, which makes these countertops unique. The drawback is that no slabs are exactly the alike in grain, color, or pattern. The disadvantage is if you need a replacement for any reason or you do not have enough granite to finish the countertop there is a possibility that you not get the exact pattern, color, or grain again. If it is possible you should purchase more than you need in case you need it later.


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