How To Choose Kitchen Themes and Color Combinations

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Strawberries are the perfect theme for someone that loves this delicious fruit. This theme will look great in a traditional kitchen when paired with browns and a copper hood, or homeowners can opt for a red and white retro look with strawberry accents for the perfect amount of both style and charm that will make everyone want to gather in the kitchen for family meals.

This is a bit more general than just strawberries, making it easier to use. Home owners can use a combination of grapes, apples, strawberries, pears, pineapples, etc. This allows them to mix and match color combinations with accent pieces without having to re-do the entire kitchen. Using a broad design scheme like this one guarantees that a room will stay fresh and full of energy. This versatile theme will coordinate well with light and dark colored woods as well as various colored appliances, flooring and cabinetry.

Metal is slowly becoming one of the more popular options for modern homes. A stainless steel kitchen full of a gleaming cabinets with a black copper hood adds a modern appeal to any home. Some individuals tend to shy away from this look because it is considered cold, but red and orange accent colors can add warmth to this room. For this look, opt for a bronze colored copper hood instead of a darker, black copper hood and add some modern wall art to complete the look.

Coffee themed kitchens are great for everyone that enjoys a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Stores are stocked full of coffee themed items, and this versatile theme can coordinate well with any style. Couples can go with dark brown wood and an espresso colored copper hood with creamy white walls for the perfect contrast in traditional rooms, or go with brighter white and a brown that is so dark it is almost black for modern styles.

Modern homes are adding this shape everywhere, including in the kitchen. Wall art that features geometrical shapes is available in every color imaginable, square plates and bowls give modern home a certain edge, and even patterned backsplashes are being used. The bottom edge of a copper kitchen hood can even be customized to add a few more straight lines to a modern home. This style is all about crisp, clean lines and contrasting colors, like black and white.

Bright Blue
Modern homes that have stainless steel or black and white rooms often seem a bit cold and emotionless. To create more energy, many homeowners decide to add small pops of color by adding one or two bright colors. Right now, bright blue is the color of choice for the hottest trends.

Homeowners can incorporate this color by adding in barstools with brightly colored cushions, adding in fun colored plates or with some modern artwork on the walls. Adding in a few key accent pieces will give colorless rooms the burst of energy that they so desperately need.

Owning a home for the first time is a fun time as couples ponder all of the possibilities and begin to plan their future design and remodelling projects. These popular themes and colors will help the most stumped individual decorate their home to showcase their style and personality.

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